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Sunday, July 25, 2004
Hard Headed I reckon!
You know, I don't know what it's going to take to get people to stop harrassing the hell out of me in every way they can find concerning some lady whose name I'm not going to mention. It's  been going on for about five years now! I have a few ideas..., like THIS ONE in the picture!
I suppose legalities restrict me from taking any action such as that! I sent this e-mail: Mary Doebutt:It was brought to our attention that your home on 143 Orange Ave now qualifies for our creative financing options, based on your excellent qualifications, Mary. This initial consultation is provided free of charge, because our calculations show that refinancing could significantly reduce your current payment.We've provided a link to your online account, so you are able to access your information and verify it on the spot ("I removed the link for pricacy reasons) Our Norfolk processing department will review it, and will assign you a consultant specializing in financial strategies suited to your needs. Mary, we greatly appreciate this opportunity to earn your business, and look forward to working with you.

                                                                                                 Sincerely, Mrs. Likamy Azturd
 Anyhow, it's about as annoying as trying to get used to the new blogger editing page format. Is anyone else frustrated with it as I am....., or am I just a moron and can't seem to grasp the concept? Please help me if you can..., I've tried EVERYTHING short of a grenade! And oh yeah, last but not least.., Donations are being accepted for any spare M1 tanks, F18 fighters, Stealth Bombers, M-60 machine guns, etc., to aid in my fight to rid myself of the harrassment bestowed upon me due to this womans' existance.
Apparemtly when I was issued my telephone number back in 1999, it belonged to the lady name I'm being harrassed. According to the phone company, the problem's been corrected. HAAAAAAA!!!!! What a laugh!

Thursday, July 22, 2004
Am I dreaming.., or is this a new and improved edit page?

I was wondering when it would be formatted like e-mail. I'm going to have to experiment around a bit with this new format, so if things look funny for awhile.., GET OVER IT!!!!! I haven't been doing much on the computer lately due to one reason or another, mainly due to the numbness and pain I've been having in my left arm and my right hand. Not much of anything new has happened to me lately, although I will share what little events I can find to write about before my hand hurts too bad to continue.
I was finally able to convince my boss to contract installing the main electrical servicing equipment to the industrial hose shop another guy and me are tasked with building at work to an outside contractor. I contacted my old boss Mr. Bill due to his knowledge and reputation as a licensed certified electrician to take on the task. He agreed to do the job in conjunction with another master electrician and electrical contracting business owner I know named Willie. Several years ago, Willie offered me the opportunity to work on Saturdays part-time with him. I said I would with the understanding I would need at least a days notice because I was a weekend father and my daughter's mom and I adjusted our work schedules around when each of us had my daughter. I made it clear without notice if I had my daughter I couldn't work. Anyhow, he called one Saturday when I had my kid and got mad, saying I was UNDEPENDABLE since I said NO! So..., back to present day time...., 2 days after calling Mr. Bill, they both showed up. They were both extremely meticulous and professional in every single detail of the visit. They guaranteed my boss a quote to do the job by the following Wednesday.
It was Friday..., weekend goes by, Tuesday the boss is raising cane at me about not having heard anything yet. I reminded him it was only Tuesday..., but.., it was NO DO!! He wanted me to call and put a bug in Willie's ear, so I did. Just as I knew would happen, he reminded me what day it was etc. So, off I went to relay the news to a very disappointed boss who was, in his words.., "PUTTING MY WORD ON THE LINE THESE GUYS ARE AS GOOD AS THEY SAY THEY ARE."
Wednesday arrived........................................,
My boss----7:07 a.m.----"Your buddy the so-called master electrician bailed on me..., got any more brainstorm ideas you'd care to share with me before I kill myself?!" My reply, "Yeah.., got any extra sianide so I can join you? I can't beleive he did that!"
About four or five companies and several weeks later later...., STILL no main service.
The only reason I can't is because the company I work for doesn't have a full electrical department with a licensed master electrician. Otherwise, I could do the work under his word. I can install the equipment etc., but under no circumstances can I shut off the main 19,900 volt transformer so I can hook my wires to the 480 volt transformer output to go to the main new building cut-off switch that powers the new building transformer to step the 480 volts down to 240/120 volts. It makes perfect sense to have the person responsible for hooking it up also install the main equipmentment. That way, if there's a problem it falls back on them and not on us. Anyhow..., ENOUGH about all that!
Like I really needed this!!...........,
I finally made it to the doctor after a 3 week delay due to a severely incompetent referral specialist, who either A: CAN'T RETRIEVE HER FAXES PROPERLY  or B: CAN'T RETRIEVE HER VOICE MAIL!
So after a day and a half out sick......, I'll have to wait 2 weeks until my follow-up visit before any real results will be known. They now think I have something wrong in my neck that's causing all the other "pinched nerve/carple tunnel syndrome like effects." They put me on the drug Trazzadone..., which is some petty strong stuff usually prescribed by doctors for severe or chronic pain. It makes you sleep IMMEDIATELY like a baby. You wake up with a terrible "hangover and nausea" feeling. Of course the funny part was revieled to my girlfriend by her medical book researching Mom which threw me for an embarrassing curve....., you wake up sporting a huge boner!! (not something you want to discuss with your girlfriends' Mom!) Ha! Ha!
It is TRUE however...., you know....., the whole "BONER" thing and all!
Hee! Hee! Hee! I make funny!! Yippee!!
Mick's Pancake House, and the unwanted bacon!
Sugarbear and I went to the Williamsburg Pottery last weekend for a little r-n-r. Afterwards we went to a fantastic favorite lunch stop at Pierces Barbecue, and drove towards Norfolk. Once we arrived upon the Ocean View strip at the light on the right hand corner  just before Micks Pancake House, we saw a man walking with a beer suitcase in one hand, and a hand full of his pee spraying johnson in the other! He was soaking the walls of the newly built Judy Boone Realty Company in broad daylight! I'm sure the patrons of Micks could've done without this particular sight as they ate their food. Anyhow a passing police officer spied the man and swooped into the parking lot to arrest him! I might add that this was the EXACT same corner where my brothers Rex Mundi, and Skycry witnessed as a sreaming black woman ran by yelling, "Sombidy help! Call da poeleese! I be blleedin'!" Ain't life just grand?!

Saturday, July 03, 2004
"Beach swim cancelled..., Reason? Full of crap!"

My plans for spending at least one day enjoying the ocean surf this 4th of july weekend have been brought to a screeching halt. It was announced on Thursday due to high bacteria particles detected at Ocean View Beach section from Cape View to First View, the health department has banned swimming until levels of bacteria come back down. Basically, it was a nice way of saying either, A: Some irresponsible ship accidentally released an undetermined amount of raw human feces into the water, or B: A sewage plant released it into the bay instead of a holding tank awaiting decontamination. Oh well, I suppose it doesn't really matter much as hot as it's been the last few days. Even so, we have a swimming pool we can use if we really need to go swimming bad enough. Maybe I can put a bucket of sand by the pool and I won't notice the difference!

Shocking but True!


Doctor's Orders? Are you SURE about that?!

Anyhow, that's that. I was shocked at the news I heard on the way to work Thursday. Apparently, hospitals are stepping up safety procedures to ensure less mishaps while performing surgery across the U.S. Some 20,000 mishaps occur each year. EXAMPLE: A guy went to have his right foot amputated, but came out with NO feet due to the doctor removing the wrong foot FIRST, then having to remove the left one as necessary to begin with! Another woman went in for a galbladder operation, but instead came out missing both breasts! Another person went in for a heart operation, and had his left arm amputated!

These are just a few of the horror stories. I found this story to be VERY disturbing. We're a nation capable of space travel, cloning, speeds faster than the speed of sound, scientific breakthroughs in medical history and all other areas of science. Yet, one surgeon getting ready to remove a body part from a person, thus permanently having an effect on that individual's life, can't take 5 minutes BEFORE performing his "grossly overpriced procedure" to verify it's the RIGHT PATIENT and correct procedure details?!!

I may have to under go surgery to correct a pinched nerve in the near future, so this news didn't set very well with me at all. Some of the corrective steps include initialing the area of work during prep, as well as before surgery. A short 5 minute recess with the entire surgical team is also being done to compare notes making sure everyone's on the same page. It's just amazing it took til 2004 until someone was intelligent enough to do something to correct the problem. A PROBLEM that in my opinion...., shouldn't have EVER occured when considering the amount of money paid to doctors to be trained to NOT make such stupid mistakes in the first place!