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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Dynamic Duo

All this talk about my daughter graduating high school, etc., etc., I figured it was time to put a face with the character.
This was taken shortly before her graduation at my house when she came over to visit and collect her gifts and have some delicious graduation cake. That character on the right (the one who looks as if he just escaped from the mental institution) is me, the proud dad. I had my photo snapped a little sooner than I was actually ready for it! Anyhow, as I've said before, I sure do make pretty kids! They should pimp me out! Ha! Ha!

What is THAT?!!

This fine photograph is none other than the infamous "Bear" I talk so much about. In this photo, he was down for the count after a long day of doing..., well..., ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!
He sleeps in this position(sometimes even more twisted like a noodle) in the upside down position snoring almost as loud as my Dad! NOBODY snores louder than my Dad.., TRUST ME! No matter how many times I tell him to get down and go to bed, at some point in the middle of the night he waits until Sugarbear and I are sound asleep, then climbs in betwwen the two of us. He takes his legs and jams them into your back! I've lost count of how many times I've woke up to get ready for work in the morning and the first thing I notice is his paw on my chest with his head resting snuggly across my neck with him snoring aloud! What a spoiled pitbull!

"I am so sad and pitiful I say..., cause, cause you people never feed me. If I could just have some cake.., I know that it will make me feel less sad and neglected anymore!Hello? Uhh...., are any of you humans hearing my stomach growling? I will not be ignored I say! If you could just look down here.., then I know you would then feel sorry for me and give me some of that delicious cake! You must not ignore me because I have to go outside and poo poo..., and if you do not feed me soon I will just have to make a big stain on the carpet..., and then.., and then it will all be you people's fault for not giving me any cake!"

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

My new dart team, "BOARDSURFERS" walked away with our first victory of the summer league tonight. It was the first official game other than practice I have played with the team. All in all, things went pretty darn good. Other than some "overcoaching" by three of the other four team members it was a well organized assault. The thing is, I've been playing darts TWICE as long as any of the other players on the team, so after a few times out they'll eventually take heed to the idea, unlike most dart players the one thing I dispise is someone telling me what I need to shoot at next. In your first year or two it's a necessary crutch, however I'm healed now and lost the crutches almost 7 years ago. Most of my team has thrown darts for a max of 3 to 4 years. I've been throwing darts since 1995. After awhile they'll get the picture.


I have a problem on this page that I can't seem to clear up and I need some outside assistance. If you observe my margin to the left, you'll notice near the bottom, a link that says: Support Arts: VisitTrueFresno.Org. My problem concerns the text width pushing the right side of my margin into the text of my page causing the blog posts to be forced off the screen causing my readers to have to maximize my page every time they read it! I've linked the icon and emailed the necessary party but no response. How do I make it smaller, or remove it all together without causing problems with the list referral service connection to my page? It came up on my page as a resuly of using the list referral service.

Monday, June 28, 2004
Can I Get a Big HELL YEAH?!!!!

What a fulfilling last couple of weeks! My daughter graduated on June the 19th from high school. I was very proud of her when I saw her walk across that stage as the announcer read her name aloud. So, I guess now I'm "officially" old, right?! (Ha! Ha!) My parents and my two younger brothers; Skycry, and Rex Mundi all traveled here together from the northeastern Tennessee region to my apartment in the Tidewater region of VA.(Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Newport News, and Suffolk). Surprisingly enough, noone was killed or maimed during the trip! I'm sure they have it at the top of their "to do list" to make another road trip SOON!! Aside from having to gaze at 3 second intervals at my ex-wife (it was bad enough hearing her open her mouth!!) I thought the graduation went rather well. Of course my Mom had to see humor in telling my Father how she wished I'd stuck around long enough after my own graduation for her to get a picture of me in my cap and gown! They all got the bright idea for me to pose in my daughter's cap and gown...., a pose for which I shall NEVER live down, a prank for which they shall all be killed one by one! "DIE INSANE NUTBALL MAGGOT INFESTED FAMILY PRANKSTER PULLING SWINES!!" (Kidding!) My family got to enjoy the sandy beaches within walking distance from where I live and near their hotel...., the same beaches taken for granted for their existence by those of us who live here much in the same way people who live in the mountains take a majestic mountain sunset for granted. We ate at a nice seafood restaurant (the Surf Rider Restaurant and Bar) at the marina, and had breakfast at a small well established "hole in the wall" diner called Mick's Pancake House. (some of the best pancakes around!)

It had been awhile since I'd seen my family. It's been longer than I can remember since all of us sat down together at one table at Father's Day..., and now together with the next generation! Other than my Father's attention span running off to Europe (or someplace) as I was blowing the horn, flashing my lights, and driving behind him at 50 to 60 mph several blocks in the wrong direction after missing our turn...., it was a good time to be had by everyone. I suppose I would've written about it sooner except I've had the doctor's visit hanging over my head, etc. At least one of us is still very saddened by the departure of my Father back to Tennessee. Our dog Bear attached himself to my Dad (as all animals usually do)like glue. The more my Dad played with him the happier he was! I suppose since Bear's like our son..., it's a safe bet to say he misses his grandparents as well as his uncles. As it is with the dog, our hearts met the same fate. It hard to miss the people you love and care about so much, and then wave goodbye, unsure as to when or "if" you'll ever see any of them again. After all...., tomorrow's not set for any of us. Make sure to tell the people you care about exactly how you feel..., because you just never know..., it may be the last chance you'll ever get.

MR. OLYMPIA lives to fight another day!

I made it to my doctor's appointment to have my heart checked. As it turns out, the nurse at my first visit (different doctor) had the ekg machine hooked up incorrectly! I'm still having pain and numbness in my arm, but it has nothing to do with my heart..., THANK GOD! I had to take a stress test which basically involves a computer controlled treadmill that records your heart rate, blood pressure, and walking/running speed, at up to 10 levels of speed increases. I fall under the doctor's category of "big and muscular guys" so I had to start at level 4. I was walking pretty fast to heep up even at level 4. They record the information for 6 minutes and every 3 minute intervals thereafter until your heart rate is at least 150 beats per minute. Once it reaches 150 it's observed for at least one minute or until you voluntarily stop on your own.

And They're Off!!

At level 7, I noticed alot of doctor and nurse traffic around me due to the fact I'd only reached 129. At the start of level 8 I was running to keep up! At the start of level 9 I was only at 134, after 1 minute I hit 141, after 2 minutes 154, at the end of level 9 I was at 161!! At 3 seconds until start of level 10, I yelled, "Stop!" According to the doctor, at the intensity and difficulty level the machine was set to, due to my age (43) I should've reached 161 at the middle of level 7!! When asked why I didn't finish the last level, I told them it was due to my right leg (past injury- tibia/fibia break)cramping up too bad. According to his tests my heart compares to a 25 year old athlete! They think I have a "series" of pinched nerves in my back, neck, and left arm, causing a "Charlie-horse tingling effect" in my left arm and a sudden twitching in my right arm. I'm being referred to a neurologist for further tests. I just hope it's something that can be repaired. He pretty much guaranteed it will involve some type of surgery to correct the problem. OUCH!!! Oh well, as I said before...., I'm falling apart at the seams!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

A long and trying day has reached the evening hours as I sit at this desk with a heavy load of troubled thoughts. I spent all day long being taken on a wild goose chase across Va. Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk by fellow employees CLUELESS to what it takes to accomplish a small, and simple electrical job. The first words out of my mouth at 6:30 a.m. were, "If the job is on the Norfolk Navy Base, why do I need to drive all the way to the shop 25 miles away in Chesapeake? Can't you just call ahead and find out who it is and where on the base I'm supposed to meet up with them, and what time?" Of course, they all have company cell-phones, and I'm still waiting on the one they promised to give me almost 5 months ago, or I would've done it myself!


So, I set the odometer to zero on my truck with the job foreman as a witness so as to collect mileage payment for my troubles, and off I went. The thing is, he was told YESTERDAY by my project manager at 10:30 a.m. who talked to me at 2:30 p.m. at the shop IN CHESAPEAKE,...yet neither one of them said anything until after I drove to the base at Little Creek, Va. at 6:30 a.m. this morning! On Tuesday, I ALSO drove to Little Creek, Va. at 6:00 a.m. but wasn't told until 8:00 a.m. that a guy was at the Chesapeake office waiting on me since 6:00 a.m. that morning!! (So, if my math serves me correctly,...thats about 90 miles of extra driving I put on my truck just GETTING to where I was supposed to be due to the incompetance of others!)


The SECOND thing I said was, "The plug you're trying to find has only one main vendor in this area who deals with that brand of product. It's not a commercial plug, it's a impact/oil resistant type plug made by MEP-PLUGS. Anyone you call is going to have to go through Jo-Kel Inc. to get it and you're going to have to pay double plus you'll have to special order it!"

"I was wrong"..., according to these newly encountered geniuses, so..., being paid by the hour, I parked my truck and went along for the joy ride in the company truck as my "chauffer" dragged me from one supply place to another until 2:30 this afternoon!


Why are people so damn hard headed? I was the one there with the electrical background,....so what was he trying to gain by going against the flow? Anyhow, he did just as I figured he would. He ordered it overnight delivery "RED MAIL" from Tidewater Marine Electrical Suppliers of Va. Beach, Va. As he was signing the ticket the sales guy said due to being red mail all sales were final once he signed on the dotted line. I said, "Bobby are you sure you don't want me to call one last place?" "No" he said, and then he signed the ticket. The part will be here tommorrow at 9:30 a.m. for me to install.., as I could have TODAY if anyone had bothered to listen to me. As I was leaving the store, to my suprise the salesman said, "Hey, did you try going through Jo-Kel by any chance..., they usually carry about anything you need. Unfortunately the manufacturer will only allow one local supplier to keep them in stock. Jo-Kel beat all the other suppliers to it. As a military supplier, we can't order directly from them so we have to have it shipped in overnight by the manufacturer. I meant to ask you that before you signed the ticket. Oh well sorry, I apologize, too late now though!"

Damn the Bad Luck!

I too, received an apology, but a little too late however. I won't be able to install the part tommorrow most likely because I have a doctor's appointment at 8:30 a.m. in the morning with a cardiologist. Most heavy on my thoughts is getting the appointment over with and hopefully finding out the pains in my arms and chest have nothing to do with my heart. Even worse is the horrifying thoughts of what if it DOES have something to do with my heart?! What then? What if i see one of those dramatic movie scenes come to life and get told I only have a month to live?! What if everything I know and love falls apart before my very eyes as a direct result of any negative outcome of tommorrow's HELL tour?! What if this is all a bad dream and I've actually been walking outside for days in a sleepwalker's trance in only my underwear and my socks?! What if I had skidmark stains in my underpants and somebody noticed?!


What if I'm actually insane and I've been secretly writing this blog page from the computer terminal in the morgue in the basement of this asylum that I MAY possibly reside within? (Hey, give me a break,....I'm only relaying to you what the voices are telling me to!) So, how did I gain acess to a computer you ask? SIMPLE! I've been secretly having sex with the night nurse's beautiful brunette supervisor, "Tonya" for about 10 years now. She says Im "the best" she's ever had,....even better than her husband, "Dr. Andrews"..., my DOCTOR.., who until she met me, was the best that she or any of her 16 nurses on her roster had up until then either!! So, during the heat of the moment when I asked to use her computer as her eyes were still squinting seductively with joy as they had done so many times before..., "YES, YES, OH MY GOD YES!!!!!" was pretty much all she had to say! HEE! HEE!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004
The "Scrape" that Got Him "Scrapped!"

It's amazing how the stress of some situations can effect a person's judgement in such a way to cause them to do stupid things. Take for example, my department supervisor who was just fired yesterday to everyone's complete suprise after making one such stupid error in judgement. Here in the good old Commonwealth of Virginia, it is required by law to have your vehicle inspected every year and within every twelve months thereafter as long as you own it. Without it, you can't gain access to militay installations, etc. Anyhow, my Sup. was supposed to be off Saturday but instead he was called in on an emergency. He had arranged to be off due to his inspection sticker running out on Sunday. After a heated argument with one of the big bosses, he happened to take notice of the bright shiny and new inspection sticker on the company van due to be sold in the next two weeks at auction. At auction, the inspection sticker isn't required since vehicles are pretty much sold "as is." So, in his "error in judgement," he told his lead man below him to carefully remove the sticker and switch it with the one getting ready to expire on his truck.

What a Bonehead Idea!!!

Think about it for a second,.....here it is,....11:20a.m. when everyone is leaving for lunch, in the middle of a parking lot beneath a military observation tower complete with surveillence cameras! I mean COME ON!!!! Is it just me who sees a problem with this senario? First of all,...it's a stupid idea to begin with. I can't believe he didn't stop and think about somebody witnessing the act and calling the company about it. That wasn't the way he was caught, however! After the van was returned to the shop, the company's equipment supervisor went out to inspect the van prior to it's sale at the auction. It was then when he noticed the sticker was expired. Only one problem though,.....he had just had the van inspected three weeks before! This in mind, he took a walk through the parking lot until he found a match for the month/year it was inspected, and then simply matched up the numbers on the inspection reciept, along with the VIN numbers. When the stickers came up as being switched around, there was no denying it! The job foreman didn't get into any trouble since he was only doing what he was told to do by his immediate supervisor,.....but I find even THAT to be a little strange! How could he NOT have known he was doing something that he shouldn't?

And NOW,....the bad news......,

Our division, "Surface Division" is the smallest group, as well as the newest division in all 67 offices of our company. It's only been around for two and a half years. With Sup. gone, as well as the head machinist (last month-QUIT!), a welder (switched to the Submarine department 3 weeks ago), there's only a small group of us left. The Surface Division had the top machinist on the east coast, and the top HVAC and engine specialist on the east AND west coast!! That only leaves one guy, the project manager who was good at MANAGING these two guys along with a support crew to back them up. As a result,...our company gained alot of contracts based entirely upon the reputation set by those three guys. With the loss of Sup. and "T" alot of our upcoming "penciled in" promises of work left as well. So,....once again,....I may be back on the job market train, although nothing's been said as of yet. I have heard a rumor that all employees who are able to obtain a security clearance will be kept on indefinitely, but those who haven't recieved one by that time will be given 30 days notice of termination, along with 30 days severance pay. I have done the necessary paperwork,...all THIRTY NINE PAGES!!!! However,...after 4 months of waiting, I've heard absolutely nothing.

Final Thought on the Subject....,

If you are planning on,...or even consideing doing something ridiculously stupid and idiotic,.....do the rest of us hard working law abiding citizens a favor...........,


If you were not one of the IDIOTS involved in this story, I apologize for any outbursts that may have offended you. Feel frree to copy the above bold print and send it to all the supid people you encounter who SO NEED to be steered in the right direction for once!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Out with the old and in with the new!

Well, I finally did it! I had enough! I have been on my old dart team; "Deb's Derelicts" for several years off and on.

I have put up with the extreme bitchy attitudes concerning anything and everything from our team's captain and her husband (he's nowhere near as bad as her, though!)until all the fun's went out of the game. So, last Tuesday night we played against Board Surfers and got beat. They needed a couple of more players, so after witnessing an argument between myself and our captain's husband Bob, they expressed interest in having me on their team. I'm now the newest member of Board Surfers of Tidewater Area Darting Association-Division # 7. I went over to the B.S. team captain's house Moday night and beat him one match (2 games out of 3) of 301 darts, and one match (2 games out of 2) in Cricket! He said I just got lucky. I responded by saying, "It's amazing how much better my dart throwing gets when you take away all the stress in the game!"................He agreed! Anyhow, we start in two weeks,.....CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

Maybe ye got a screw loose 'er sumpum!"

For the past two weeks, I've been having involuntary muscle spasms in right bicep muscle. Then, three days ago, my left elbow starting having a tingling sort of feeling and every day it's gotten steadily worse! Now it's spread all the way up and down my arm, into my shoulders and surrounding areas near my heart. It's also starting to spread over to my right arm somewhat! At 9 a.m. this morning, I'd been at work for three hours when suddenly, I got a real sharp tightening pain in my chest near my heart. At lunch I took the rest of the day off and went to the doctor. He said it's more than likely just a series of strained and pulled muscles surrounding the area closest to the heart, coupled with some strenuous work along with a little extra added stress lately. He gave me an EKG just to be on the safe side,....unfortunately however, the test showed some irregularities so I'm being sceduled to see a cardiologist in the next week to two weeks. In the meantime I was given an anti-inflamitory and a strong muscle relaxer. My diagnosys:

I'm falling apart at the seems!

Sunday, June 06, 2004
Kill AOL!!!!!

If you'll notice,...My last post has been edited with several corrections and changes. From 8:45 to 10:15 a.m. I sat at this desk trying to edit and repost/publish. Every single time I pasted the Dismal Swamp photo html I received a pop-up stating AOL had encountered a problem and needed to close. My patience was really starting to run thin but it seems to have worked through finally. I was supposed to have worked yesterday but due to some heavy partying the night before I opted to remain in m,y sleepy state! My boss had told everyone they could come in to work, but it wasn't mandatory if we decided we didn't want overtime on Saturday. I did call him and tell him I wasn't coming to work at least. Anyhow, it's not something I make a regular habit of doing.

Anyway, wouldn't you know it,...I've been calling my daughter all week and getting her voice mail. Here it was the ONE time when I really didn't care to have a conversation with ANYONE,.. And she decides to call! Hey, I love my daughter so I got up and talked with her for a few minutes. After all,.Self inflicted pain and agony is never a good excuse! So here I sit on a Sunday,...Now SUFFOCATED by the fumes of the air freshener that Sugarbear felt necessary to spray down my lungs before walking out of the room just now! THANKS BABY! GRR!! Nothing overly exciting has happened in my life lately so as far as blogging goes, I don't have much to write about.

There's this little bit:

CONCERNING THE ELECTRICAL JOB I WAS YELLED AT BY MY BOSS ABOUT THE OTHER DAY----------I've since found out through conversations with the people who installed the high voltage transformer outside, that my suspicions were exactly right. If I try to hook up electrical for the new building, it may blow it up because it's already loaded to it's maximum current load ability. So,..ONCE AGAIN---------------------
I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!