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Saturday, October 30, 2004
The Feeling of BLAAAA!!

Today is one of those typical days where nothing really makes much sense, and even if it did..., who cares? We wake up because it's the begining of a brand new day and it's the first thing we're "expected" to do..., and yet.., for WHAT? What would be wrong with sleeping all the way through to the next day as long as you didn't have any prior obligations?

HMMMM.., I DON'T KNOW..., let's approach that for a minute..., taking the good with the bad!

What kind of exciting events would we miss if we were to do just that? On the other hand.., what kind of wonderful, or even terrifying dreams are we cheating ourselves out of by sleeping away the day? What kind of once in a lifetime chances or even tragic circumstances are we escaping from? What if our presence that day solidified the balance between life and death for persons other than ourselves? What if our being there meant certain death for someone we love? What if our smile was the only happiness felt by someone else helping them to decide to hang on to life for another day? What if you missed the chance to meet the person of your dreams? What if you missed out on the dream that made you realize the person you're trully in love with? What if you're really in a dream and not actually on the computer? What if you had dreams of erotica with your fantasy dream person, but woke up and realized your sexual preferences were different in real life? DOH!!!!! WEIRD, huh?!!

Hey..., I have an idea...., WAKE UP and smell the roses..., take your chances like the rest of us!

The Feeling of BLAAAA!!

Today is one of those typical days where nothing really makes much sense, and even if it did..., who cares? We wake up because it's the begining of a brand new day and it's the first thing we're "expected" to do..., and yet.., for WHAT? What would be wrong with sleeping all the way through to the next day as long as you didn't have any prior obligations?

HMMMM.., I DON'T KNOW..., let's approach that for a minute..., taking the good with the bad!

What kind of exciting events would we miss if we were to do just that? On the other hand.., what kind of wonderful, or even terrifying dreams are we cheating ourselves out of by sleeping away the day? What kind of once in a lifetime chances or even tragic circumstances are we escaping from? What if our presence that day solidified the balance between life and death for persons other than ourselves? What if our being there meant certain death for someone we love? What if our smile was the only happiness felt by someone else helping them to decide to hang on to life for another day? What if you missed the chance to meet the person of your dreams? What if you missed out on the dream that made you realize the person you're trully in love with? What if you're really in a dream and not actually on the computer? What if you had dreams of erotica with your fantasy dream person, but woke up and realized your sexual preferences were different in real life? DOH!!!!! WEIRD, huh?!!

Hey..., I have an idea...., WAKE UP and smell the roses..., take your chances like the rest of us!

Saturday, October 23, 2004
LOOK!! It's MORE Stupid People!

Man Watches Disaster Movie, Burns Home

In Cordelle, Georgia after having several beers, Charles Alton Adams' set fire to his mobile home after watching "the Day After Tommorrow" The 32 man walked into the Crisp County Law Enforcement Center early Thursday and told deputies he had burned down the doublewide home. He told deputies that after watching the film, he decided to set fire to pillows on his bed. When asked why, Crisp County Sheriff Donnie Haralson said, "I have asked that question myself. ... The whole thing just doesn't really make sense." Haralson said Adams was been charged with arson. He remained jailed Friday as family members attempted to raise money for his bond.


In Berlin, Germany, a man tried to fight off a repossessor with a chainsaw and gasoline bombs before being arrested by police special forces. The 52-year-old man in the eastern town of Helbra barricaded himself in his single-family house when the repossessor arrived with a two-man police escort. He first drove off the trio by throwing petrol bombs and a barbecue lighting device at them. Police reinforcements were called in to assist in the arrest of the suspect. When they stormed the house the man revved up the chainsaw but was quickly overwhelmed..., unfortunately.., not before having injured two police officers.

"We've had a number of repossessions before but never had anything quite like this," said police spokeswoman Birgit Bandermann, adding he faces charges of attempted manslaughter.

Nature's Wrath Catches Child Pornagrapher!

Workers repairing a home damaged in a tornado in Frederick, Maryland discovered nearly two dozen boxes filled with child pornography. Robert Medvee, 52, was charged with 48 counts of creating computer images of child pornography and 48 counts of possession of child pornography, according to sheriff's deputy Jennifer Bailey.
The homeowner remained jailed Monday on $96,000 US bail.

The seized material which consisted of computer discs, videotapes and photographs, filled 20 to 24 boxes, according to Frederick County State's Attorney Scott Rolle.
"It was the largest seizure of child pornography I've ever seen," Rolle said. "We had to bring in a pickup truck to get all of it out of there." More charges are to be filed, however it was not clear if Medvee had a lawyer in the case.

Workers found the pornography while doing repairs to the house, damaged Sept. 17 by the remnants of hurricane Ivan, authorities said. Medvee was staying with friends at the time, police said.

Sunday, October 17, 2004
A "STUPID NEWS" story from Tennesse....,

Several neighbors in Elizabethton, Tennessee have complained for several years about a man doing everything from exposing himself, yelling death threats and obsentities at them! He's been reported as masturbating on his front porch..., walking naked to his mailbox..., exposing himself to children and housewives..., defacating in his front yard..., putting up signs in his yard telling people to DIE.., and yelling death threats if the people didn't stop "looking at him!" What's funny to me is how come it lasted so long?! It hits home since I grew up pretty close to that area even though I now live in Virginia. The story is about a week old so you may not find that particular story, but you will find some pretty interesting...., and very STUPID NEWS!


The "NEW CARPET" is FINALLY installed in my apartment...., and...., the leak was actually fixed! NOT SO FAST!!!! The "repair" only lasted 2 days! Now it leaks worse than ever! The ventilation worker finally installed the new duct work at least..., 2 down.., 1 to go! I'm still awaiting an answer on my electric bill reinbursement. It appears as if I'm just going to have to get nasty with them one last time and let them know I meant what I said about placing my rent money into an escrow account. At least there is SOME good news...., I finally got my raise! Well, that's about it, nothing new really..., just the same old boring crap! LATER!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Can you just do me a huge favor...., don't ask! You don't even want to know! I have now updated my list of STUPID PEOPLE to accomidate 5 more names on this subject!

The "Meeting"

Now add 3 more people to that list concerning my last post about the electrical hazard issue. Sugarbear, as well as all the guys I work with within my didivision have all told me to let it go. Now they all agree with me that no matter how much I want to, the others that were involved WON'T LET ME!! So, today I decided it was time to put a stop to the whole mess. I walked up to the QA/Safety manager's office and asked if I could speakto him man to man. I started out by telling him that although I fully understand the importance of company rules, regulations, and policies I'm also aware of the fact instances often arise where these must be modified to accomodate other rules that may superseed them. I told him that so far I've been "repremanded" and ridiculed by way too many bosses over a situation THEY created that wasn't actually there. I also asked him if he was even aware that I myself am a company supervisor, and therefore NONE of them had any business telling me what to do to start with. I explained the diffences between high voltage lines and feeder lines. I explained that the label saying, "maintain 10 feet clearance at all times when working around high transmission power lines" was designed as a default label because they rent to the general public, and therefore cannot train every single person to recognize one from the other. Basically, it covers them from law suits. But the point I hit on the most was I'm not gonna stand for ANYONE regardless of thier company position embarrassing me by disrespecting me in front of other employees or otherwise by calling me an idiot, therefore dumping on my good reputation and experience that I've busted my butt to build and maintain.

To my complete surprise, he agreed with everything I said! He went on to explain that he was NEVER mad at me, and never did HE disagree with my actions that I took. Instead, he was angry because, A-Nobody did what I said and ordered the right type of man-lift to begin with, B-They took it in the mud as they were given strict instructions not to do, C-The girl that was in charge of the operation had that job and 3 others going at the same time and was nowhere to be found-----later having been discovered as going to DMV to renew here license tags!, and D-Because they had no business disputing the authority I've been given over all electrical operations at the company branch I am assigned to!


He asked if I had any solutions to the problem. I told him that the only way to repair mis-education is with education. I suggested that all production employees go through mandatory class that I'll be more than happy to conduct, concerning the technical aspect of electrical safety. I also suggested a company letter be sent out to ALL supervisors stating who I am and who has the authority over electrical operations so this doesn't happen again in the future. He seemed to like the idea so I am expecting to have to give instructive classes in the future to a small group of UNRECEPTIVES I've mentioned earlier in my list of STUPID PEOPLE! I guess now I get to EDUCATE THEM!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Concerning my ongoing fued with the property management, I will reitterate this statement I strongly believe in:

"A RESULT is a RESULT..., wheras a RESPONSE is a promise of the result you are hoping will be achieved."

Once again the plumbers (same worthless ones as before) arrived to "repair" the leak above my shower while I was at work. After trying to argue with Sugarbear saying it was "nothing they did" which was causing it to leak, they ONCE AGAIN said it was a caulking problem....., JUST as I told the "absent minded" property manager they would. (Sugarbear had a few CHOICE WORDS of her own with the fellas...., something with four letters I do believe!)I told the manager the day I spoke with her, "Here's a thought..., send the maintenance man to the upstairs apartment and REPAIR the caulking problem? Then they can't say it's a "caulking problem, now can they? Take away their crutch and they'll HAVE no more excuses!" But did they listen...,

OF COURSE NOT!! Did I mention it STILL leaks after the plumbers "caulked the upstairs shower" to "prove themselves right?!"


Hey, I don't think I'm right ALL of the time..., (MOST of the time maybe, hee hee!), but shouldn't common sense at least make an appearance at some point or another?! I've always had a strong belief that "COMMON SENSE" should become a course of study made mandatory starting at the elementary level continuing on through the college years. TRUE..., you can't teach everyone common sense..., but unless you make an effort to pull people aside and at least expose them to what it is.., common sense may eventually become a thing of the past. Take for example my favorite subject for discussion lately.., my place of employment:

First, let's begin with my experience:

Age 15 to 18-Radio & TV Electronics(high school)

Age 15 to 18-Auto Mechanics(high school)

Age 14 to 16-Drafting 1 $ 2(high school)

Age 16-Electronics Course of Study Book(self taught by reading a book)

Age 17-Business(high school)

Age 15 to 18(high school)"Hands on" experience-electrical/audio/video/musical/equipment and as a musician and electronics apprentice through a genius of an electronics wizard, my best friend, David.

1979-1988-USN-Interior Communications Electrician (Electro-mechanical Engineering Rating)

1986-wired houses part time as a helper

between then and now:FIVE different electric companies-(commercial/industrial/residential and even nuclear electrical) to include bucket truck work and high voltage up to 35,000 volts

FIVE years (all together) in shipyard (US NAVY CONTRACTOR)-Marine electrician

ALL TOGETHER (VARIOUS)-over 6 years of supervisory experience (not including 2 years of navy SUPV.)

Interstate highway electrical-almost 2.5 years total (Lead technician $ superv.)

Auto electrical-1 year(subcontr)

NAVY SCHOOLS-400 HZ generator school, Basic solid state school, IC/A school, Xerox school, Propulsion Alarms and Indicators school, Basic Electricity and Electronics School, MK-19 Gyro school(now practically obselete), MK-27 Gyro school, Firefighting and Flooding school Gems-Delavul Tank Level Indicating Devices school

Civilian Schools-Tidewater Community College- English 111, 112, Pschycholgy 100, Math 03, 04 Central Texas College-Houston, Texas-Emergency Medical First Responder Pre-EMT CPR/First Aid School (I just recertified last week)

Valve company-1 year-1988

Computer engineering/electrical firm-Lead Systems Electrical Technical Supervisor-2.5 years

Another of same type-Lead Electrical Foreman-1 year

Currently(Submarine/Hovercraft/Ship/Diving/ROV Repair Facility-Electrical Systems Technical Supervisor-Surface Division(However, currently I'm the only electrician in the Surface Division!)

The Tale!!

Ok----I'm going to summarize a bit in broken English:

I was asked to "assist"-not my project-so, Mr. Nice guy-"OK!"
Previously had told Morons in question they were using the wrong type of lift----noticing if they continued they would harm themselves. So, I got in the lift---up, up, and almnost finished-----"Hey..., you're an electrician..., you're gonna get electricute./..., bla bla-"know better-----then THE DREADED WORD..., and you're an IDIOT because it plainly says on the lift in big letters...,


PISSED as I was and knowing I was in no danger due to MY KNOWLEDGE of what I was near, I came down and said, "Ok, fine! I'm done! I was just trying to help before somebody INEXPERIENCED DID get hurt! But I'm not going to stand here and be called an idiot by you or anybody else!" So, W/O recapping all the REST of the story---I tried to get him to calm, down so I could diffuse the situation----NO DO! He went to my project manager..., THEN went to the safety manager, etc., etc., etc. Within 5 minutes--over trying to help someone who had gotten themselves in a bad situation to where even "inexperienced" there was a 1 in 1000 chance of a shock hazard---I had sucsessfully pissed off 2 of the 3 people now involved---at ME!! My Boss, believe it or not wasn't mad at me---MAD at the submarine Div. project manager for sticking his nose in where----and whining to another CLUELESS whiner and aiming all the aggression in MR. DOESN'T RESPOND WELL TO THREATENING---not to mention STUPID assholes!

READING IS UNDERSTANDING---and here's where good old COMMON SENSE could've been at use:

A.) If as SUBM. SUPV. stated I was using the "wrong lift"..., why did HE as the SUPV. as he pointed out loudly to me was his "position"...., ORDER the damn thing to START WITH?!

B.) In the WARNING LABEL---the word "TRANSMISSION" means-"non-insulated exposed lines capable of INDUCING voltages into air moisture molecules so as creating the potential to cause death without actually coming into direct contact with them."

C.) HIGH VOLTAGE is: MARINE ELECTRICAL-300 volts and above
between TYPES of user friendly transformers only! Does not apply to the same type of warning as transmission lines because the DO NOT enduce voltages in the same manner as do 7200, 9299, 4160, and 19,900 volt lines, etc.

D.) Before SCREAMING the word "IDIOT" at someone, FIRST know what the hell you're talking about, and second of all, don't scream at guys like me who JUST MIGHT get down and kick your ass!!

E.) Realize that if I'm the electrical Dept. Supv., there's probably a GOOD reason why all electrical work performed on the property having ANYTHING to do with commercial aspects has to be CLEARED and APPROVRD by my signature..., that just maybe.., I may actually have been trained at some point in all my 28 years of electrical experience to FULLY and WITHOUT QUESTION recognize the difference between a FEEDER LINE(like the INSULATED spiral ones that hook up your house), and the "buzzing" non insulated steel lines (NOT copper!) that can kill you if you get too close! REALIZE the written warning you keep trying to throw in my face in front of 15 other people who FULLY respect my ability as I was helping THEM at thier request..., was meant for IDIOTS like yourself there Mr. "I am a supervisor because I get to wear a MAROON colored shirt," because if you don't know the difference then YOU have no business telling me ANYTHING to do with what I've had 28 years to KNOW! By the way, I wear a T-SHIRT so therefore I'm fully qualified to have had my hands amongst the mess to LEARN THE DIFFERENCE!

DAMN did that feel GOOD!!!

Last but not least

By the way..,I did poorly in business class in high school because I didn't pay attention. The instructor was too busy talking to his students about all his favorite cocktails he like to make, and what an avid ladies man he THOUGHT he was apparently. RARELY did he stay on the course topic! His motto was he could care less if you passed or failed..., he already KNEW the course. So if you wanted to talk cocktails, FINE, but the TEST was still on MONDAY! The thing is, only 4 people in the class were the ones getting him off the subject, so it was VERY unfair to the rest of us. Mr. Jenkins was his name...., JERK!! HOWEVER, exposure to the course did help me some. I can mix one helluva fine cocktail..., and I learned what NOT to do when chasing after girls, the OPPOSITE of what he would try to do!

My goog friend David worked for Raytheon Corporation shortly after high school as a circuit card re-designer after attending college and obtaining an associates, and later a bachelors degree in electronics and electronic design. He continued to work for Raytheon for several years. He was one of the youngest and highest requested problem solving technicians they had. On his lunch hour, he would try to solve engineering problems while he ate his lunch. On one partcular day, a "problem" concerning the guidence system of a new type of surface to air missle caught his eye. Engineers had been pondering over this problem for months! David, however, seeing it for the very first time...., figured it out in his head as he ate. the next day he went to the lead designer with his solution. On a gut feeling, the man tried his solution..., and it worked right the very first time! But David had a bit of a problem..., he still hadn't been able to put down his long time friend.., Mr. Cannibus..., known ALL TOO WELL by the people aver him. A blind eye was OK.., that is until it was time to relinquish a huge chunk of cash to David for his personal accomplishment via company policy! So, he was asked to do an on-site drug test to which he refused by telling them they already KNEW about him, and if he was good enough before, it shouldn't matter now. So, consequently they fired him. A five figure cash award was now history. Some of you may remember the missle I spoke of. It was called "The Patriot Missle!" What does THIS have to do with my experience? David taught me about every useable fact I know about electronic devices, ones that books have failed to bring to light even though I've been through 4 different electronic courses! He simply used good old-fashioned horse sense in explaining difficult subject matter. (He also taught me how to do one of my FAVORITE things-PLAY GUITAR!)

Sunday, October 03, 2004
Weird Archeology

Yesterday, I did pretty much nothing all day. This was largely due to the fact that I've been working crazy hours shifting from days to nights and back to days, then back to nights..., and starting Monday.., back to days once again! Needless to say my couch potato time has been at an all time high lately.
I spent hours watching Steve Irwin tackling several crocodiles, including a very pissed off twelve foot salt water crocodile named Gram (named this because he was a baby when they first got him). I watched as Steve Coragan went to "Snake Island" near Australia and casually grabbed two (at the same time) highly venomous yellow banded sea snakes, which as he stated could each kill 500 men with a single tea spoon of venom in less than 5 minutes! Then I watched as Irwin Stephenson, the snake hunter, (I know, wierd name coincidence to Steve Irwin.., BOTH from Australia) went into the Amazon on a 34 day trip to catch, photograph, and then release a giant green anaconda! Along the way he captured several snakes of various size, and as promised, photographed and released them. I watched simultaneously the Nascar Craftsman Truck Series Race, a movie, "A Sure Thing", "Men in Black", and "Mad TV."

Perhaps the most interesting thing I watched was on the THE HISTORY CHANNEL. The episode chronicled certain codes in the Bible. Historians have found codes spelled out in scriptures of the bible that possibly pertain to the past and future of the earth as we know it. Passages found have named everything from the reign of Adolf Hitler, John Lee Malvo, assasinations of several important world leaders, world disasters, etc. The most interesting thing is HOW it's spelled out. Take the following jumble oif words for example as if they were an actual scripture of the bible:

yreTfff rytggjh efhgshsh hshjdhjhsh
sjg;gj;gas;gb gmm,gmgmgmmfgmdfdmmd
kcmTbv;NMd l;d fjlkblsdbdkOblksdbflk l
kddObksdjb fnfs.,g slnaslgbzFasgasgasgal
;,s,ckAOjfkoiejgkimfgimimhdthb; ;sgm
parg,m;ag,mpamg pairgmpagmopargmpamgpg
guawg gigiawmgiargimrgirmgirgirmgmirg

Do you have ANY idea what a pain in the butt that was the lay out using html?!!!

Believe me when I say, "this show more than jangled my nerves!" I spoke to my younger brother; RxMundi today who said he was going to mail me a book on the subject. COOL!! I'm also going to be recieving a copy of his self-made film; SNAPPER! If you havent purchased a copy of this fine fim DO SO..., before I have to come over there and kick your tail!! Anyway, to purchase a copy of the show entitled- Biblical Codes 11: Apocalypse and Beyond, CLICK HERE!.

Ever Wonder Who Locates a Plane Crash?

"Airplane wrecks that remain undisturbed for years provide us with a sobering opportunity to consider the power of nature and the mistaken judgements of man," explains Pat Macha, a world renowned airplane archeological investigator. This History Channel episode dove into the painstaking processes involved in not only locating lost plane wrecks, to using forensic science to put together the tragic events leading up to the crash and the events which followed thereafter. I found one particular fact to be very interesesting. Did you know that during World War Two the U.S. Army had enlisted an several squadrons of young women between the ages of 19 to 25 years old (most of them gorgeous!) to fly newly manufactured aircraft fighter planes (mainly P-51 Mustangs) across the United States to be shipped overseas?!! One woman was lost and never found. Her plane id believed to be buried under 15 feet of sediment in Santa Monica Bay. They're awaiting special permission to be allowed to remove the sediment in order to give closing to the chapter left unfinished in the lives of the families she left behind.

Friday, October 01, 2004

I moved into my apartment about two years ago. Since day one, there have been ongoing maintenance issues. I've been round and round with the management but never really got any satisfaction. Locally here in the Tidewater region of Virginia we have a news channel broadcast called "Renter's Rights." I've been watching..., and paying very close attention to anything I felt could help in my situation. Last February, my lease was up for renewal but I was still very unhappy with the unresolved maintenance issues as well as the no-existant new carpet we were promised at the time we first moved in. After delaying the signing of the lease as long as possible, I finally (as the management was most likely counting on) gave in and signed it anyway. This time, I'm hitting them in the pocket book!


One particular issue was the disapearing-reappearing leaky pipes in the ceiling above the shower. First, it began as water along the bottom edge of the wall going all the way into the adjacent closet beside the tub. They FINALLY replaced the faucets in our tub and recaulked around the edges. However.., even that took 3 to 4 visits! Then it began leaking from up above the shower. After SEVERAL disagreements between the apartment complex maintenance staff and two different plumbing contractors, it has now been "repaired" at least 3 if not 4 times. IT STILL LEAKS! Actually, it POURS! The people who live in the apartment above me are extremely nice people. However, they smoke like two chimneys in a smoker's race and have two extremely large cats. This combination, ESPECIALLY to someone like myself or Sugarbear who don't smoke, or someone like myself who's allergic to cats causes one of the most disgustingly gross odors imaginable. The same odor which fills MY apartment every time they have to remove the drywall above the shower to attemt a repair. They take thier sweet time about getting it "fixed", then another month and a half to attemt drywall repairs! He wasn't even done with the final drywall sanding, etc., before the whole patch was sopping wet again!


Don't get me wrong, I have a pretty nice apartment with all the comforts of home and so forth. About 5 months after we moved in we began smelling a peculiar musty like smell throughout the apartment. After the sopping wet wall near the bathroom (which ruined several non-reinbursed shoes and other clothing items)was discovered, the smell was credited to the water logged carpet, etc. Granted, it did clear up somewhat but it never trully went away. When summer rolled around again the smell became almost unbearable. I complained over and over to the management, but nothing was done. Finally, we figured out it was coming from the A/C vents. The maintenance guys answer..., he tried "painting over" the black mold covered surface of the vent covers! Sugarbear cleaned the covers, but of course within a week the mold was back. A second time the maintenance guy came..., AGAIN he was going to paint them but Sugarbear told him to forget it. She told him to get someone to come and clean the vents.

To my surprise (after she went and had words at the office!) a company came and cleaned the vent ducts. The smell, and the mold, are now gone! We'd also noticed
our electric bill being ridiculously high all of a sudden. This was due to the fact the A/C handing unit was broken loose from the main ducts in my apartment! I'd been paying to cool the outside air. After stewing about the bill for a week or so, the maintenance man, Milton, suggested we get the property management to reinburse the difference to us for the bills that were of abnormal amounts over what we normally paid. So in some ways they've come through, but ONLY after several attempts to get problems resolved. Supposedly, I'll have an answer before the 5th when my rent is due. It depends on how good of an answer I get as to whether they will have actually come through or not.


So.., what does one do in a spot such as this? The way I explained it to my apartment manager is that I believe since I pay my rent on time every single month I should have my services I'm paying for when I need them and in good working order every single month. I shouldn't have to wait for "whenever they feel like getting around to fixing it, etc.," unless of course THEY are willing to wait until I "get around" to deciding to pay the rent! I went on to explain that a renter's agreement is no different than any other contract in that it states the responsibilities of BOTH parties are as stated within the context of the contract, and therefore shall not be deviated from in any way. I told the apartment manager (by letter, and in person) that until I get the maintenance issues resolved with adequate time to make sure they're done correctly, and new carpet as I was promised upon moving in, the rent money will be deposited into an escrow account until I am either satisfied, or a court of law via the renter's association of Virginia deems me in the wrong and forces me to pay it. As is the law..., it's my lawful right to do just that without penalties or late charges UNLESS you are found to be in the wrong. However, I think since there's water pouring out of the cieling it's a good guess I'm right in this particular case!


Within only 3 days of recieving the letter I got a phone call. It was then I went and told them in person as well, of my intensions if my demands weren't met. After almost TWO YEARS of practically begging I had a management person actually standing in my apartment LOOKONG at the problems and actually trying to come to an agreement! I'm glad I'm getting results, however it stills angers me to no end for all I had to endure to get any good response. And let's not get the two confused either..., RESPONSES are not RESULTS! RESULTS are RESULTS, whereas a response is a promise of an upcoming result..., so I'll believe it when I see it! What I did by writing the letter and standing my ground was a result.., one which now warrants a response. So, if all goes as "promised", Tuesday my carpet will get rolled back in order to patch bad spots in the floor..., shortly thereafter new carpet installed.., so far 4 days late my A/C handler unit filtering/duct system replaced in the patio A/C access.., the plumber sometime next week. We'll see I suppose!


I'm actually at work right now on the night shift. I've been at this for almost 2 weeks now. I'm printing up all of the technical data and drawings (11" x 17") for our upcoming contracts with the LCACs (NAVY HOVERCRAFT). My head was killing me looking at page after page of drawings, etc., so I decided to do a little blogging to break the monotany. It seems weird being here so late at night with noone else here on the property. It looks like the perfect scene for an episode of Dawn of the Dead, or some creepy horror show! Here I am, all alone in this aircraft sized hanger with abandoned tanks and a condemed pier next to the ocean inlet waterway. Off in the near distance behind us lies "the ghost fleet"; several merchant and military ships taken out of service long ago.., silently rocking to and fro endlessly awaiting whatever thier fate may be. Piles of scrapped materials ans several abandoned structures of various types tend to make this a very scary place at night. The building at times comes alive with unknown scary sounds. Will I make it out alive? Noone trully knows..., my fate left only to the creatures who go bump in the night as I plug away at this mindless technical contraption called "a DELL." So if for some reason you start to wonder where the Mule has gone....., be careful.., for you too may fall victim to the evil that lurks among the shadows! BOO!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I am taking a vote. On this blog page I will often discuss issues pertaining to my everyday life which includes some of the crazy stuff that occurs with my job. At the risk of protecting my privacy at work, I'm considering deleting a few of the posts that could be considered incriminating to myself, or to others involved. After all, you can find just about anything on the internet just by typing in someone's name! I'm not ashamed of what I wrote, but it wouldn't be a good situation to have to be confronted with either. Of course, if I was confronted with it, I'd be within my rights granting me freedom of speech. I also used different names to protect privacy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but how SHOULD I handle this situation? In a way, I use this page to vent frustration at times. By not getting it off my chest it could make matters worse!

One of the main reasons this all came to mind has direct bearing on something that happened with work today. I was approached by my project manager about a job he felt I was the best suited for within our division...., because it was (according to him)of an extreme "techinal" nature. The job requires that I have access to the bosses passwords at his desk computer after hours. I'll be at the company by myself from 2:30 p.m. till 11:00 p.m. for the next two weeks! It also requires me to be issued keys to the company's main gate, the manager's office, the technical library, and the assistant manager's office, and be given free access to the main production warehouse. I have to proof read and copy several different drawings for NAVY Hovercrafts having multiple pages to each set, and then separate them into work packages in order for our company to be able to post a cost bid so we can be awarded to jobs. I have to actually visit the boat later on and write up any changes, added costs, etc. Basically, this job would normally be given to the project manager. I was told I didn't have to accept the responsibilty, however it was the over-all gut feeling I was being cosidered the one most familiar with the work items..., even though HALF the items don't even fall under my trade skills. I'm, also aware of the fact I will need the skills to be able to do this in the future since I was hired to be in charge of the "future" electrical/electro-mechanical department.

SO! Where does this leave me? First of all, I'm not going to sit here say I approve of the way my boss has handled alot of the situations in the past. Instead, I'm going to give him the same amount of respect and forgiveness I would expect from someone had I acted in the way in which he did to me. I cannot begin to be fully aware of the pressures and concerns he has to deal with on any given day simply due to the fact that for every situation you may think I know about, there could be just as many that I don't! Second and foremost, the Indians said it best, "Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasains." Of course, I think the Indians should have revised thier saying to read, "Never attempt to wear another man's moccasains until making sure he is free of athlete's foot, for only a man with foot problems has trully used his feet for walking the mile which you now desire. It is much better to walk with a fresh set of moccasains, rather than try and steal the moccasains of another."

Another good note..., I PASSED my test for my week and a half long training course at work! I am now eligible for a garaunted raise according to company policy for passing the Craftsman Exam. YAY!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2004
Mule Recipe # 3


Boil two packages of Mueller's egg noodle dumplings. Cut heat to low stirring noodles frequently. DO NOT DRAIN!

Add fine to medium chooped chicken pieces, two cans cream of chicken soup, and one can cream of celery soup.

Next add 1/3 chopped stalk of celery.

Add one cup of milk.

Add 1/4 stick of margarine or butter.

Add one teaspoon of salt, and two teaspoons of ground black pepper.

Add garlic salt to taste.

Stir and simmer on low.

Now EAT UP!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Mule's Japanese Style Slow Cooked Beef Stew:

***(For best results, start in the early morning hours.)

In a large crock pot, mix two family sized packages of frozen japanese stir-fry vegetables and 4 packages of stew beef. Also pour in the contents of the stir-fry seasoning packets.

Next, fine chop one large onion and add into crock pot. Add two cans of beef broth, and 1/4 cup of "Allegro" marinade sauce.

Cut up two unpealed large baking potatoes into small bite sized chunks. Boil the chunks in a separate pot until they start to soften. Drain off water and add potato chunks to crock pot.

Cook on high setting for two hours. Set dial to low and cook for 3 to 4 hours depending on size of crock pot. Adjust contents to the size of your crock pot.

Next..., EAT UP!!!!

Funny Joke

Two gay male partners get into an argument. One says to the other, "I've decided to break up with you because you don't have any chest hair. So unless you can miraculously grow chest hair by the time I get back at noon, I expect you to be out of my house!"

After his partner left, the man goes to see the local pharmacist for a miracle cure. "Please, you've got to help me! My life partner's leaving me if I don't grow chest hair by lunch time! Is there anything that will help?"

The pharmacist looked at the man in disbelief and disgust and lied to the man saying he could cure him. "Take this case of Vaseline home with you and lie naked on your kitchen table. Put on the Village people for some background music and rub the entire contents of this whole case of Vaseline onto your chest while singing along with the music. By the time your man walks through the front door you'll be the hairiest man he's ever seen!" Satisfied...., the man paid the pharmacist and rushed home with his new found quick cure.

The young man did just as the pharmacist said, and soon was greasily squirming naked on his kitchen table singing "In the Navy...." at the top of his lungs. Suddenly, the door burst open and there was his partner.

"What the hell are you doing?!"

"Growing some hair for you..., what's it look like?!"

"Let me guess.., you went and asked the pharmacist and he told you rubbing Vaseline on your chest would cause hair to grow there?!"

"Yeah..., so what if I did?"

His partner paused for a moment with a look of pity for the man lying naked on the table in front of him. "Look, if there was any truth to that story don't you think you'd have a thirty foot pony tail growing out of you ass by now?!!"

Sunday, August 22, 2004
Latest Art "Scream"!

On Sunday in OSLO, Norway masked thieves burst into an Oslo museum stealing two priceless Edvard Munch masterpiece paintings stunning several visitors. The first of the two paintings entitled "Scream," depicts an anguished, opened-mouthed figure grabbing the sides of its head. The second stolen painting is entitled, "Madonna". The paintings, done between 1893-94 were part of Munch's "Frieze of Life" series. The series depicted themes of sickness, death, anziety and love. This was the second time the "Scream" painting had been stolen from an Oslo museum! The paintings were stolen at gun point tricking many visitors into believing they were being held up by terrorists! According to many visitors, the museum itself is partially to blame due to its slack security measures. One witness said, "The paintings were simply attached by wire to the walls. All you had to do is pull on the painting hard for the cord to break loose - which is what I saw one of the thieves doing." A police spokeswoman reported no one was injured during the robbery. Police did find the escape car along with fragments of the paintings' frames.

Munch, (pronounced "moongk") died in 1944 at the age of 81. He was a Norwegian painter and graphic artist who worked in Germany as well as his home country. He is mostly renowned for his emotionally charged style of great significance in the birth of the 20th century Expressionist movement. The stolen "Madonna" depicts an eroticized virgin with a blood-red halo in a dark, swirling aura. Munch later produced woodcut lithographs of a similar subject. He made four versions of "The Scream," an image that has fascinated experts and the general public for decades. Art historians and amateurs alike have pondered the meaning of the enigmatic, seemingly bleak image. For years now, it's made its mark on fame in the popular culture in serious reproductions but also cartoons and novelty items. Two of the original "Scream" pictures are owned by the Munch museum; a private collector owns a third version; and the fourth is on display at Oslo's National Gallery. That version was stolen in February 1994 but recovered three months later.

"They were all painted by Munch, and they are all just as valuable," said Munch Museum spokeswoman Jorunn Christoffersen. "Still, these painting are not possible to sell, and it is impossible to put a price tag on them." However, Knut Forsberg, manager of Blomqvist Fine Arts, Norway's oldest auction house since 1870, estimated the value of "The Scream" at between $59.6 million to $74.5 million. But he agreed it would be impossible to sell either painting on the open market because of their notoriety. "Most likely, the thieves will demand a ransom to deliver the paintings back," he said. Forsberg refused to censure the museum for any lack of security sighting if they'd been more firmly mounted the thieves would've just damaged the paintings in thier quest. He apparently is not alone in his thoughts on the subject. One Denmark museum curator is reported as saying, It's not a pleasant experience to enter a museum where there is a guard at the entrance with gun."

The "Scream" stolen in 1994 was a work on paper. Police recovered the fragile work undamaged in a hotel in Asgardstrand, about 40 miles south of Oslo. Three Norwegians were arrested. At the time, investigators said the trio tried to ransom the painting, demanding $1 million from the government. It was never paid.

Do Bears Sleep in the Woods?

Campers in Blakely national Forest recieved a big surprise upon returning to thier camp site. A large Black bear was just waking up...., or WAS he?! According to the reports, the bear had stumbled into the camp and found 4 cases of cold beer. One case of Busch beer, and 3 cases of Reinier beer. After punturing only one can of Busch..., it's apparent this bear had expensive tastes. He had consumed THREE ENTIRE CASES of Reinier beer and was PASSED OUT..., not ASLEEP! The bear then stumbled off into the forest. The game wardens put up a large caged trap for the bear...., baiting the trap with a few cans of his FAVORITE beer! Right on schedule, they caught the big guy and put an END to this alchoholic's rumaging and thievery! Moral of this story: NEVER go camping with ANYTHING but cheap beer! LoL!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The night finally arrived after long weeks of both anticipation and utter dread. I'm speaking of my Tuesday night dart league I've been involved with off and on for over eight years. At the beginning of this round seven weeks ago, I left my old team; "Debs' Derelicts" for a different team; "Board Surfers". There were several reasons for the switch..., most of them to do with the teams' captain and even more so.., her husband: a long time friend of mine. I felt that if I didn't leave the team I would end up making enemies over some very trivial stuff..., but mostly because I asked a "friend" for help and was basically cursed out and walked on for all my trouble. The captain also said in a round about way that I was supposedly the worst plaqyer on the team...., (uhhh..., no..., that would most likely be HER not me!)Normally. I wouldn't even clarify that even if I thought it, because being a part of a team is about helping each other work AS a team...., not by cutting down another one of your team-mates. Somewhere along the way they all seem to have forgotten that fact. I'm not on that team anymore, so I'll say it again..., SHE'S the worst player on the team. STILL!!!! Let's not fail to mention it was MY involvement (without any choice apparently)into THIER personal problems between each other which resulted (after my advice was given to the husband)in them pulling thier marriage back together. Of course when I needed some friendly advice...., "I don't want to hear it...., I'm not gettin involved...., I'm not having this fucking conversation with you...., not now not ever!!!"

The Mule Replies:

"So is that your last word? No thanks for helping me out., no thanks for being a friend when I needed you..., no thanks for helping me fix my relationship?!"

So...., he decides to send the poor innocent camel to the chiropractor

"I'm done...., fuck off.., how about that?!!!"

The Agony of Defeat!



I also got to pick up my personal award for high on (120 points) for the men's summer league 2003 as well as a team trophy (from when I was still on Debs' Derelicts team). I also held my own against one of thier new players.., and MY good friend (used to play on Debs two seasons ago) who is practically one of the best players around, having dropped out of a higher division due to thier only being a few teams this season. We also have one player from two divisions higher. Of course thier must be some mistake....., since I'm the WORST PLAYER that was on thier team and all. LOL!!

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Very good Rex!! Skycry is also right on his historical facts. Before the weather hit however..., the decision was already made to stop and make some more beer. You have to keep in mind the ones actually sailing the ship were sailors, and take beer from a sailor in those days and you've got one unruly passenger on your hands. Multiply that times his sailor crew members..., and you've got a mutiny! A happy sailor was a good sailor I suppose. HMMMN?! I wonder how those sailors would've faired in todays "kinder, more gentle NAVY?!

"New Thing"

Weekly Bachelor Recipes..., compliments of the Mule:

Recipe #1: Mules' Mexican Chili-(medium hot)-Extra large portion!

Mix one pound of lean burger to 3 pounds of Choriso Mexican sausage. Cook with seasonings to your taste in lage skillet, and the drain.

In large stew pot, pour in one half contents of a bottle or can of beer, one glass of water, one glass of V-8 or tomato juice, one half cup of sugar, one cup of black coffee, one small jar of Pace picante sauce, 4 cans of (diced or crushed) chili italian style garlic seasoned tomatoes, two cans of black beans, two cans of chili-hot (or mexican style) beans, one large can of dark red kidney beans, two cans of northern beans, and two cans of chili magic beans, and two packets of chili seasoning mix. Add meat to the pot once this is finished. Heat on low, stirring about every 5 minutes.

Next chop up two lage onions, (one fine minced/other merdium chopped) with two fine minced Mexican Habenero peppers (three to five if you dare!). I pesonally don't care much for green peppers, but you may add them if that suits your taste. Add contents to pot along with two baking potatoes chopped into 1 inch squares (to reduce the acid content) You'll need a HUGE pot..., or substitute less meat and delete a can of beans from two cans and less sugar/ onion n such. If chili is two dry add either V-8, tomato juice, or black coffee. (plain water dulls the spicyness of the flavor). If too soupy add either more meat, more tomatoes, or more beans.

EAT UP!! You'll love it, I garauntee you!

Todays' Topic: "Stupid People..., where do they all come from?!"

I went to the ATM at the 7-11 on Friday to get some cash for my purchase from the hardware store down the street. Now before I go much further with this story, as I've said before...., in all fairness I'm TRYING REAL HARD not to become prejudice against those persons of African descent. However, as recent events keep unfolding before my very eyes...., well....., you do the math here! And YES I have a few black friends who are keeping me hanging on by a thread at NOT falling into prejudice steriotypes, but as I said, it's not an easy thing to do. (Even THEY AGREE with me on this!)

Anyhow, I was approaching the door to exit when I noticed a black lady giving me a mean and hatefull glare. I gave stare in return as to say in not so kind unspoken words, "What the Hell are you looking at lady?!" I got in my truck, started the engine in time to notice the lady practically tripping opver herself to get out of the store. I looked over the ATM reciept, put the truck in reverse, checked left/right/and rear, and proceeded to back out of the space. The normal rouite out of the lot was blocked by a Pepsi truck, so I went for the right exit instead. Suddenly, I happened to glance over as the lady from almost backed into the drivers side of my truck! She started blowing her horn but was STILL backing toward by door! Another truck came into the parking lot as he cut in front of me never glacing to see if I was even there..., not to mention he came in through the exit! I hit the brakes to keep from smacking into him and layed on the horn.

Meanwhile, "Blackie" to my left is (now get this:) FLIPPING ME OFF.., STILL BACKING SLOWLY TOWARD THE TRUCK DOOR.., AND LAYING ON HER HORN!! I still had my wallet out.., couldn't go forward or backwards.., so I got out my GEICO insurance card and held it up in one hand, leaned out the window, banged on her trunk (YEP she was THAT close!!) and screamed, "Hey you stupid ignorant ass-wipe bitch! Do the words GEICO mean anything to you?! Stop your damn car and stop blowing that damn horn before you run into me!!

She finally stopped her two mile an hour assault on my truck but continued running her mouth about something in her car. The truck in front of me finally moved so I pulled forward to the exit. As I did, the woman whipped out of the space missing my drivers side tailight by mere centimeters! Once again, she starts blowing her horn. Now she starts holding the horn button constantly. I was already irritated from some ridiculous Mickey Mouse BS at work that day and my fearsome temper had now reached full capacity.., I COULD WITHSTAND NO FURTHER HARRASSMENT FROM THIS PATHETIC PANTY WASTE OF A HUMAN BEING!!

Da Bitch Gotta Go Fo Da Mule Loose All Remnants Of Sanity He Got Left!! Yeah.., Uh Huh!!

So pissed off that I was.., forgetting all about current road rage laws and such I whipped open the door, with TRUCKERS' TIRE BATON in hand and yelled, (IN EXACT WORDS) "Can't you see the damn traffic?! Just where in the HELL do you think I'm supposed to go lady?! I swear if you blow that fucking horn in my ear ONE MORE TIME I'm getting out of this damn truck.., I'm coming back there and yanking your sorry black ass out of that drivers' seat and beating' your stupid ignorant sorry black ass to a pulp.., now KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF NOW and I do mean NOW!!!"

I realize the implications that could've stemed from my actions.., however, I'm not so sure I wouldn't have done what I told her I was going to do had she blew the horn one more time. I know I scared the crap out of her because her eyes got big as saucers.., her chin dropped.., mouth wide open in fear as she hit all the locks on her car and pulled her hands tight to the top of the steering wheel..., dtooped down low in the seat.., but BEST OF ALL PEOPLE........,


After she did get on the road..., she drove ONE BLOCK...., turned left..., and pulled into the driveway of a house two doors down! While all this was going on at the seven eleven store.., the cashier, and three other witneses ALL tried to get her to knock it off! She even flipped off one of them! One even yelled to me (cashier) "You got me as a witness to her being so stupid if needed..., my name's Kim!" "Thanks!" I replied.

Thar "He" Blows!!!

Tropical storm Bonnie, and Hurricane Charlie have come and gone. Florida, un fortunately.., didn't fair too well. For awhile.., it was feared by many here in the Tidewater Virginia area that we wouldn't fair any better. Hurricanes tend to loose thier punch was they make landfall. Of course it can still pack dangerous wing and flooding regardless! It's still raoining here..., as it has been for several days now. Supposedly..., there was another hurricane behind Charlie over the African coast packing as much if not more punch than Charlie. I've not heard anymore about that one so maybe it fizzled out. Let's face it..., it doesn't matter where you live.., you have to take the goods with the bad. Living near the ocean is nice.., however.., hence the bad:

Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Fun but true quiz-----

When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, they were actually sailing to Virginia. A matter of extreme urgency presented itself and it was decided they would make land fall at the first available land sighting. What was this matter of urgency that forced them to deviate from thier original plans? By the way, this isn't another internet quiz. I stumbled across this and thought it a hoax at first..., but found out it was actually true. Try your luck..., maybe you'll guess correctly.

Monday, August 09, 2004
TWO FOR TWO!!!!!!!!

Finally some good stuff happened to the mule for a change. Actually, some bad stuff occured but was cancelled out due to alot of good stuff. First of all, two Fridays ago we were hit hard by mass flooding and hurricane force winds. A few days later we caught the remnants of hurricane Alex. On that particular Friday, I was loading up the last of our equipment to end our contract on the LCACs at Little Creek Amphibious Base, Little Creek, VA. Steve and Rich drove the work truck to the shop and I was to meet them there after a long lunch at 1 pm since I live 10 minutes from the base. I was run off the road on base as a Hum-V pulled slam out in front of me! The car was under water all the way to the bottom of the windows! (Lucky they were up!) Amazingly, the car purred on and momentum allowed the car to make it to shallow water enough to drive on out. Of course the Hum-V never looked back! As I was driving off base I was stopped by the gate guards due to an eye witness to what had happened. The Hum-V and it's DRUNK OCCUPANTS were off to the right shoulder----now apprehended. I gave a quick statement to the guard and signed the necessary forms and went on my way.

The car was sluggish but eventually settled out. I had lunch and headed for work..., 2 miles later.., the car died! I walked to the store IN THE POURING RAIN and called Sugarbear to pick me up. I let the car sit for a week..., but it still wouldn't start. I worked twelve long tiring hours Saturday. Sunday morning I decided rain or shine the car would be RUNNING before the day was out. After trial and error...., after trying everything else EXCEPT the first thing my electrical common sense told me it was...(ignition coil), $16 later and a new coil installed--RUNS GREAT! But hey..., why stop.., I'm on a roll! All summer long the A/C's been broke on my truck. All summer long I roasted daily after SEVERAL attempts to recharge it. I was cleaning the engine after putting in the glow in the dark leak gel detector R-134-A. A small clip that holds one of the rubber seals together (IN PLAIN VIEW NO LESS!) was popped loose! As soon as I reclamped it..., the pressure held!

But hey..., why stop now, right? The radio in the car had seen better days. I've had a nice but older radio by Craig.., digital am-fm-cassette for about 3 years now...., INSATALLED IT..., SOUNDS GREAT!
Just goes to show what can be done if you press forward with a vengeance!

CRACK -vs.- CRACK...., goes down with a splash!

Let's face it..., not too many things feel better (except sex or winning the lottery) than takin' a big fat shit after a big meal, right? What a relief as the pressure and contents go slitthering down to the old sewer! I was doing my poo dance after lunch and gave the flush lever a push! Suddenly.., the old porcelain goddess parted like the Red Sea just like in the Ten Commandments! I grabbed the top of the stall with both hands pulled my poop stained behind away from the toppling turd bowl! Turds and pee and toilet water everywhere. I was NOT alone as I soon discovered as I wiped and regained my dignity! NO I WIPED BY MYSELF THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I left totally embarrassed..., but left with a sense of relief as having taken the dump of all dumps that's going to be hard to top by any normal standards!! AHHHHHHH!! POOP!! It's good to poop.., just not good to swim in it afterwards! Ha! Ha!

Friday, August 06, 2004
And now the rest of the story........,

OK, so I'm not going to require any surgery for my arm, etc. The doctor found three deteriorated disks in the upper part of my spine. The first, third, and fifth disks are badly deteriorated. However, as long as the muscles are properly cared for in my neck area, no unnecessary pressure will be placed upon them and it won't matter if they are or not. The problem is, it's hard to relax those muscles when most of the time you're working above your head. I have a large and well known reputation in the electrical/construction field as a "one man walking construction company who can do almost anything by himself that most people can't do without extra help". So it stands to reason I'm going to strain something more than just a little bit.

One reason for being such as lone warrior is because I don't deal with stupid people very well at all. In my trade alot of employers like to hire temporary employees. Often times they have little or no education, no common sense, and no transportation, etc., etc. My job consists of possible death around every corner. To work in any type of electrical field you absolutely MUST grasp one single concept: EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH HAS THE POWER TO KILL YOU! If you make one mistake..., it could mean the end of your life. The pay is pretty good..., however the risk is extremely high. Hence the REASON the pay's descent.., not to mention it's not the easiest job to do at times. I've been "sparking" in one type or another since the age of 15. I'm now 43 years old. In all those 28 years I've been shocked on every finger of every hand, across my arms under my neck, in my right ear, my left and right wrists, my right leg, and through my hair! Sometimes the pain was minor..., one time it hurt so bad it made me cry (277 volts in left index finger, 7:00 a.m. age 25 after a SEVERE hangover from the night before---OUCH!!) It knocked me clean off the ladder! The mistake I made was getting mad because I dropped the wire nut and smacked the wire with my finger FORGETTING it was hot! At that company, we wired EVERYTHING hot!! About 4 years ago, I took 4160 volts through my right elbow! It felt like a bee sting, but only because it was bleeding off into the ground as I had mt hands on a 277 volt wire that was also hot! The wire was insulated and the amperage due to dissipation into the earth taking most of the amps caused me to survive the ordeal. I had trouble (still do but only minor due to the shock) in raising and lowering my arm for about a year.

I had a good friend get killed by electrocution in 1996. He was working in a 44o volt switchboard on the USS Thorn (DDG) that our company had retrofitted a (VLS) Vertical Missle Launching System capable of firing missles from 64 different launch tubes. He was approached shortly before lunch by another contractor who was anxious to complete his task which involved turning on power that ran through Tim's switchboard. The guy was trying to get done early so he could take the early flight back to New Jersey to be with his family. Tim told the guy (BIG mistake here!) to turn it on after lunch because the switchboard would be done way before lunch was over. He also told the man to VISUALLY make sure he wasn't still working on it! Tim originally checked everything with a meter to verify all power was cut off just as he was supposed to do before doing any work. Lunch time came to a close, Tim lost track of time, and the IDIOT never walked 15 feet to the next room to see if Tim was done! Tim only lived 5 more minutes after the switch was thrown! Ironically...., he was finished..., he was putting on the LAST tie wrap! Never put your life in someone elses hands! Anyhow..., gotta get off this subject..., gettin' depressing.

Sunday, August 01, 2004
"Hey Mom..., what's for dinner...., uhhhh.., Mom?!!"

During the past week in local area news, police arrived at a Va. Beach home to serve an arrest warrant for a young man over traffic violations and failure to appear in court for those charges. With no sign of the suspect at first, the police noticed remnants of marijuana plats extending out from underneath the trash can lids. Now it was also a drug investigation. Finally, the suspects' sister came to the door. When the police entered the house the suspect appeared at the top of the stairs with a gun to his head stating he was a monster and needed to kill himself. The police were finally able to talk the man into surrendering the weapon. Police then continued with thier search only to discover a gruesome discovery. When police opened a large freezer..., they discovered the less than a week old frozen corpse of the suspects' Mom! After lengthy questioning of the suspects' family it was determined they were not involved. In days following, the suspect gave a full confession. Apparently, he was in disagreement with his Mom over his part in doing chores around the house. I guess the person who said, "A little work never killed nobody!" apparently was never heard bt this particular young fellow! As it turns out, one of the welders of the company I'm sub-contracted to, is the suspects' next door neighbor. His kids were friends of the neighbors and often buddied around together with them! I guess it goes to prove you just never know about some people.

Long Time Comin'

As they say.., I'm not getting any younger.., the time to act is now because tommorrow may never arrive! With that in mind. I've done alot of thinking lately concerning life in general. So..., if everything goes as planned, in the next year I have set a few goals to try and achieve. They are as follows:

A. Stop renting and buy a house.
B. Get laser eye surgery.
C. Build up my savings.
D. Invest in stocks.
E. Start playing guitar in a band again.
F. PROCEED and stop lolly-gagging around with obtaining my electrical license and get a REAL job!
G. Try and patent a few of my MANY brainstorm ideas! (Working on that as we speak)
H. Refinish my QUEST electric guitar.
I. Finish carving the rest of my hand-carved canes.
J. Sell the car and get something newer.
K. Fix the A/C in my truck.
L. Finish my model boat project I started over a year ago!
M. Repair, upgrade, or buy a newer and better computer.
N. Switch fom dial-up internet to high speed DSL or better.
O. Take some computer coarses.
P. Train myself in HVAC.
Q. Learn how to type!

R. Get back into woodworking.
S. Build another hotrod..., only starting with a better foundation! Ha! Ha! (this goal over the next FEW years)
I think that just about does it for now.


I have to wait until Wednesday to find out what's causing my arms and hands to keep going numb. However, I think the doctor is on the right track because with the medication and prescribed exercises it's nowhere near as bad as before. I have a new problem now that concerns my jobs' involvement. Whenever this all started, I was at work and I was carrying a heavy mig-welding machine on my left shoulder. As I was setting it down, the person helping me to steady it lost his grip and it pulled down hard on my shoulder. I heard and felt a very distinct popping noise which caused extreme pain. I did as I was supposed to and reported it to my boss. According to procedure an accident form is supposed to be filled out and a urinalasys screening is required. Niether of these did happen however, so whenever I brought it up to my project manager he slammed me over not filing a report. I did my part..., and my supervisor for that day admitted he forgot to file it. So, hopefully it will all get straightened out. I was asked about filing any disability claims against the company to which I replied I wasn't sure if it would come to that. There's a good chance it MAY come to that. You can bet if I have permanent damage to my arm, shoulder, or whatever, as a result of working for the company, I fully intend to file for any disability I can. I'd be a FOOL not to! How dare them to act in a way so as not to deem themselves any responsibility in this! I'd rather just not have the injury to tell you the truth. Anyhow, I suppose I'll have t6o wait and see what happens on Wednesday.

Sunday, July 25, 2004
Hard Headed I reckon!
You know, I don't know what it's going to take to get people to stop harrassing the hell out of me in every way they can find concerning some lady whose name I'm not going to mention. It's  been going on for about five years now! I have a few ideas..., like THIS ONE in the picture!
I suppose legalities restrict me from taking any action such as that! I sent this e-mail: Mary Doebutt:It was brought to our attention that your home on 143 Orange Ave now qualifies for our creative financing options, based on your excellent qualifications, Mary. This initial consultation is provided free of charge, because our calculations show that refinancing could significantly reduce your current payment.We've provided a link to your online account, so you are able to access your information and verify it on the spot ("I removed the link for pricacy reasons) Our Norfolk processing department will review it, and will assign you a consultant specializing in financial strategies suited to your needs. Mary, we greatly appreciate this opportunity to earn your business, and look forward to working with you.

                                                                                                 Sincerely, Mrs. Likamy Azturd
 Anyhow, it's about as annoying as trying to get used to the new blogger editing page format. Is anyone else frustrated with it as I am....., or am I just a moron and can't seem to grasp the concept? Please help me if you can..., I've tried EVERYTHING short of a grenade! And oh yeah, last but not least.., Donations are being accepted for any spare M1 tanks, F18 fighters, Stealth Bombers, M-60 machine guns, etc., to aid in my fight to rid myself of the harrassment bestowed upon me due to this womans' existance.
Apparemtly when I was issued my telephone number back in 1999, it belonged to the lady name I'm being harrassed. According to the phone company, the problem's been corrected. HAAAAAAA!!!!! What a laugh!

Thursday, July 22, 2004
Am I dreaming.., or is this a new and improved edit page?

I was wondering when it would be formatted like e-mail. I'm going to have to experiment around a bit with this new format, so if things look funny for awhile.., GET OVER IT!!!!! I haven't been doing much on the computer lately due to one reason or another, mainly due to the numbness and pain I've been having in my left arm and my right hand. Not much of anything new has happened to me lately, although I will share what little events I can find to write about before my hand hurts too bad to continue.
I was finally able to convince my boss to contract installing the main electrical servicing equipment to the industrial hose shop another guy and me are tasked with building at work to an outside contractor. I contacted my old boss Mr. Bill due to his knowledge and reputation as a licensed certified electrician to take on the task. He agreed to do the job in conjunction with another master electrician and electrical contracting business owner I know named Willie. Several years ago, Willie offered me the opportunity to work on Saturdays part-time with him. I said I would with the understanding I would need at least a days notice because I was a weekend father and my daughter's mom and I adjusted our work schedules around when each of us had my daughter. I made it clear without notice if I had my daughter I couldn't work. Anyhow, he called one Saturday when I had my kid and got mad, saying I was UNDEPENDABLE since I said NO! So..., back to present day time...., 2 days after calling Mr. Bill, they both showed up. They were both extremely meticulous and professional in every single detail of the visit. They guaranteed my boss a quote to do the job by the following Wednesday.
It was Friday..., weekend goes by, Tuesday the boss is raising cane at me about not having heard anything yet. I reminded him it was only Tuesday..., but.., it was NO DO!! He wanted me to call and put a bug in Willie's ear, so I did. Just as I knew would happen, he reminded me what day it was etc. So, off I went to relay the news to a very disappointed boss who was, in his words.., "PUTTING MY WORD ON THE LINE THESE GUYS ARE AS GOOD AS THEY SAY THEY ARE."
Wednesday arrived........................................,
My boss----7:07 a.m.----"Your buddy the so-called master electrician bailed on me..., got any more brainstorm ideas you'd care to share with me before I kill myself?!" My reply, "Yeah.., got any extra sianide so I can join you? I can't beleive he did that!"
About four or five companies and several weeks later later...., STILL no main service.
The only reason I can't is because the company I work for doesn't have a full electrical department with a licensed master electrician. Otherwise, I could do the work under his word. I can install the equipment etc., but under no circumstances can I shut off the main 19,900 volt transformer so I can hook my wires to the 480 volt transformer output to go to the main new building cut-off switch that powers the new building transformer to step the 480 volts down to 240/120 volts. It makes perfect sense to have the person responsible for hooking it up also install the main equipmentment. That way, if there's a problem it falls back on them and not on us. Anyhow..., ENOUGH about all that!
Like I really needed this!!...........,
I finally made it to the doctor after a 3 week delay due to a severely incompetent referral specialist, who either A: CAN'T RETRIEVE HER FAXES PROPERLY  or B: CAN'T RETRIEVE HER VOICE MAIL!
So after a day and a half out sick......, I'll have to wait 2 weeks until my follow-up visit before any real results will be known. They now think I have something wrong in my neck that's causing all the other "pinched nerve/carple tunnel syndrome like effects." They put me on the drug Trazzadone..., which is some petty strong stuff usually prescribed by doctors for severe or chronic pain. It makes you sleep IMMEDIATELY like a baby. You wake up with a terrible "hangover and nausea" feeling. Of course the funny part was revieled to my girlfriend by her medical book researching Mom which threw me for an embarrassing curve....., you wake up sporting a huge boner!! (not something you want to discuss with your girlfriends' Mom!) Ha! Ha!
It is TRUE however...., you know....., the whole "BONER" thing and all!
Hee! Hee! Hee! I make funny!! Yippee!!
Mick's Pancake House, and the unwanted bacon!
Sugarbear and I went to the Williamsburg Pottery last weekend for a little r-n-r. Afterwards we went to a fantastic favorite lunch stop at Pierces Barbecue, and drove towards Norfolk. Once we arrived upon the Ocean View strip at the light on the right hand corner  just before Micks Pancake House, we saw a man walking with a beer suitcase in one hand, and a hand full of his pee spraying johnson in the other! He was soaking the walls of the newly built Judy Boone Realty Company in broad daylight! I'm sure the patrons of Micks could've done without this particular sight as they ate their food. Anyhow a passing police officer spied the man and swooped into the parking lot to arrest him! I might add that this was the EXACT same corner where my brothers Rex Mundi, and Skycry witnessed as a sreaming black woman ran by yelling, "Sombidy help! Call da poeleese! I be blleedin'!" Ain't life just grand?!

Saturday, July 03, 2004
"Beach swim cancelled..., Reason? Full of crap!"

My plans for spending at least one day enjoying the ocean surf this 4th of july weekend have been brought to a screeching halt. It was announced on Thursday due to high bacteria particles detected at Ocean View Beach section from Cape View to First View, the health department has banned swimming until levels of bacteria come back down. Basically, it was a nice way of saying either, A: Some irresponsible ship accidentally released an undetermined amount of raw human feces into the water, or B: A sewage plant released it into the bay instead of a holding tank awaiting decontamination. Oh well, I suppose it doesn't really matter much as hot as it's been the last few days. Even so, we have a swimming pool we can use if we really need to go swimming bad enough. Maybe I can put a bucket of sand by the pool and I won't notice the difference!

Shocking but True!


Doctor's Orders? Are you SURE about that?!

Anyhow, that's that. I was shocked at the news I heard on the way to work Thursday. Apparently, hospitals are stepping up safety procedures to ensure less mishaps while performing surgery across the U.S. Some 20,000 mishaps occur each year. EXAMPLE: A guy went to have his right foot amputated, but came out with NO feet due to the doctor removing the wrong foot FIRST, then having to remove the left one as necessary to begin with! Another woman went in for a galbladder operation, but instead came out missing both breasts! Another person went in for a heart operation, and had his left arm amputated!

These are just a few of the horror stories. I found this story to be VERY disturbing. We're a nation capable of space travel, cloning, speeds faster than the speed of sound, scientific breakthroughs in medical history and all other areas of science. Yet, one surgeon getting ready to remove a body part from a person, thus permanently having an effect on that individual's life, can't take 5 minutes BEFORE performing his "grossly overpriced procedure" to verify it's the RIGHT PATIENT and correct procedure details?!!

I may have to under go surgery to correct a pinched nerve in the near future, so this news didn't set very well with me at all. Some of the corrective steps include initialing the area of work during prep, as well as before surgery. A short 5 minute recess with the entire surgical team is also being done to compare notes making sure everyone's on the same page. It's just amazing it took til 2004 until someone was intelligent enough to do something to correct the problem. A PROBLEM that in my opinion...., shouldn't have EVER occured when considering the amount of money paid to doctors to be trained to NOT make such stupid mistakes in the first place!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Dynamic Duo

All this talk about my daughter graduating high school, etc., etc., I figured it was time to put a face with the character.
This was taken shortly before her graduation at my house when she came over to visit and collect her gifts and have some delicious graduation cake. That character on the right (the one who looks as if he just escaped from the mental institution) is me, the proud dad. I had my photo snapped a little sooner than I was actually ready for it! Anyhow, as I've said before, I sure do make pretty kids! They should pimp me out! Ha! Ha!

What is THAT?!!

This fine photograph is none other than the infamous "Bear" I talk so much about. In this photo, he was down for the count after a long day of doing..., well..., ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!
He sleeps in this position(sometimes even more twisted like a noodle) in the upside down position snoring almost as loud as my Dad! NOBODY snores louder than my Dad.., TRUST ME! No matter how many times I tell him to get down and go to bed, at some point in the middle of the night he waits until Sugarbear and I are sound asleep, then climbs in betwwen the two of us. He takes his legs and jams them into your back! I've lost count of how many times I've woke up to get ready for work in the morning and the first thing I notice is his paw on my chest with his head resting snuggly across my neck with him snoring aloud! What a spoiled pitbull!

"I am so sad and pitiful I say..., cause, cause you people never feed me. If I could just have some cake.., I know that it will make me feel less sad and neglected anymore!Hello? Uhh...., are any of you humans hearing my stomach growling? I will not be ignored I say! If you could just look down here.., then I know you would then feel sorry for me and give me some of that delicious cake! You must not ignore me because I have to go outside and poo poo..., and if you do not feed me soon I will just have to make a big stain on the carpet..., and then.., and then it will all be you people's fault for not giving me any cake!"

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

My new dart team, "BOARDSURFERS" walked away with our first victory of the summer league tonight. It was the first official game other than practice I have played with the team. All in all, things went pretty darn good. Other than some "overcoaching" by three of the other four team members it was a well organized assault. The thing is, I've been playing darts TWICE as long as any of the other players on the team, so after a few times out they'll eventually take heed to the idea, unlike most dart players the one thing I dispise is someone telling me what I need to shoot at next. In your first year or two it's a necessary crutch, however I'm healed now and lost the crutches almost 7 years ago. Most of my team has thrown darts for a max of 3 to 4 years. I've been throwing darts since 1995. After awhile they'll get the picture.


I have a problem on this page that I can't seem to clear up and I need some outside assistance. If you observe my margin to the left, you'll notice near the bottom, a link that says: Support Arts: VisitTrueFresno.Org. My problem concerns the text width pushing the right side of my margin into the text of my page causing the blog posts to be forced off the screen causing my readers to have to maximize my page every time they read it! I've linked the icon and emailed the necessary party but no response. How do I make it smaller, or remove it all together without causing problems with the list referral service connection to my page? It came up on my page as a resuly of using the list referral service.